Team Cynthia Ithier

Engagement Coordinator

Cynthia coordinates and supports HCN’s efforts to cultivate and grow high-value alliances with government agencies, nonprofits, philanthropic foundations, corporations and advertising agencies to develop strategically focused social marketing campaigns designed to improve quality of life for US Latino communities. She conducts essential research, creates materials, and continuously evaluates functions that highlight HCN’s expertise in the development and execution of social impact campaigns and sponsorships of HCN’s national multimedia programming focused on social justice, health, environment, climate, financial literacy, housing, immigration and civic engagement.

Previous to HCN, Cynthia worked in the non-profit and public health sector in Washington, D.C. and was an Executive Director for a small nonprofit that supported children with social developmental disabilities.Through this experience she has developed an expertise in strategic, analytical, and is a data driven leader with extensive experience developing, implementing, and evaluating the impact of innovative programming for marginalized groups. She is regarded as a subject matter expert for developing strategic plans to meet organizational goals in time and under budget. Cynthia is skilled at identifying funding resources to grow, maintain, and enhance agencies’ programmatic offerings.

Outside of HCN, Cynthia is a blog writer and volunteers with Who What Why (www.whowhatwhy.org), a non-profit that embodies a form of investigative reporting that is rigorous, relentless, and scientific called forensic journalism. They are dedicated to unearthing the facts interested parties want to keep hidden; and an unflinching commitment to follow the trail wherever it leads. Who What Why is truth seeking and not quote seeking. Cynthia hopes to launch her own nonprofit supporting single minority mothers in the future.
Cynthia holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Marketing from Saint Joseph’s College New York and is pursuing her Master’s in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Maryland.