Team Andrea Marquez

Account Executive / Project & Operations Manager

Andrea Marquez is the Account Executive and Project & Operations Manager at the Hispanic Communications Network. A Mexican-American, originally from Brownsville, Texas, she recently graduated from Harvard University, receiving her Master’s Degree in Journalism and a Certification in Legal Studies. While living in New York City during her undergraduate career, Andrea worked at Marc Anthony Productions, developing a rebranding strategy, improving communications and engaging Marc’s fanbase. Soon afterward, she began working at A&E Networks, the parent company of AE Network, History Channel, and Lifetime — all channels with which she worked as a digital editor and marketing manager. During her time at A&E, Andrea led production teams for in-house productions, was in charge of History Channel’s YouTube content and served as a key part of the team that initiated a corporate diversity program within the company. Before coming to HCN, Andrea was a freelance writer and event organizer in Texas and Mexico City, working with the Secretariat of Agriculture of Mexico, the Penguin Random House Publishing Company, and various production companies, including Netflix.