Team Andrea Marquez

Communications Manager

Andrea Marquez is a Mexican-American with 6 years of professional experience in production management, digital marketing, administration and communications strategies. Andrea manages internal and external communications by establishing organizational messages and promoting our company’s mission and/or services. She works closely with management teams and execs to shape the company’s image and values, as well as the appropriate methods to communicate them to the public, potential partners, clients, and the media.

With a background in journalism and communications strategy, Andrea developed LatinEQUIS, a new English-language platform seeking to motivate Millennial and Gen Z audiences to get involved with the Latinx community. Alongside the team, she curates and executes high-impact campaigns distributed through La Red Hispana and LatinEQUIS channels, including maintaining internal processes, tools, meetings and deadlines to ensure efficient and productive work flow. 

Andrea’s previous experience includes working for singer and producer Marc Anthony’s company, developing a rebranding strategy, improving communications, and engaging Marc’s fanbase. She also worked at A&E Networks, the parent company of AE Network, the History Channel, and Lifetime — as a digital editor and marketing manager. During her time at A&E, Andrea led production teams for in-house productions, was in charge of History Channel’s YouTube content and served as a key part of the team that initiated a corporate diversity program within the company. Before coming to HCN, Andrea was a freelance writer and event organizer in Texas and Mexico City, working with the Secretariat of Agriculture of Mexico, the Penguin Random House Publishing Company, and various production companies. 

Andrea holds a B.A. in Political Science and Theatre Directing from Columbia University in New York City and a Master’s in Journalism and Legal Studies from Harvard University.