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HCN Launches Mano a Mano: a new political debate show

Washington, D.C. - Leading up to the November elections, Hispanic Communications Network/La Red Hispana launch Mano a Mano, a new weekly political debate program that encourages political participation from the Latinx community during these crucial general elections.

Every Tuesday, Mano a Mano will unite two prominent figures with opposing views: former legislator Luis Gutiérrez and President of The Libre Initiative, Daniel Garza. The debate will focus on ALL that’s at stake for the Latinx community in these elections like employment, health, racial justice, immigration, voter registration, and more.



“We must stop the spread of hatred and prejudice. We need a President who respects us, helps us and defends us. We deserve a government that promotes the education of our children; decent wages to our workers and the care of our elderly. The November elections will determine the justice our people deserve.”

Luis Gutiérrez

"While the Congressman and I don’t agree on everything, we are determined to have a lively discussion on all the important issues of the day, to give the Latino community a snapshot of the rich political and philosophical diversity of our country." Daniel Garza


Mano a Mano is part of the VOTAMOS campaign of La Red Hispana, which partnered with Phone2Action and set up a number to facilitate voter registration and name verification. People who send a text message with the word VOTAMOS to 52886 can start the registration or voting process from their cell phone, one of the most popular means of accessing the Internet among the Latinx community.

“These elections will be a test of our commitment to being people of action. Latinx have a great power of influence in November. The mission of VOTAMOS is to make it easier for Latinx to exercise their vote and instigate the responsibility that we have to participate in this historic moment,” said Patricia Frausto-Rodríguez, campaign coordinator and Executive Director of World Voices Media.

About 4 out of 10 Latinx who voted did so based on information disseminated by Spanish-language media. La Red Hispana covers about 90% of all Hispanics in the United States every day through its radio affiliates, mobile application, digital platforms and social media channels. The public will be able to send questions and comments prior to Mano a Mano through our digital platforms and social networks.

Each week, Mano a Mano will also feature the participation of personalities who are making a difference on the playing field to register voters and motivate the participation of organizations such as Poder LatinX, Mi Familia Vota, United Farmworkers, LULAC, and many more.

Mano a Mano is an opportunity for us Latinos to learn about what is at stake in the elections this year because we are not only voting for a candidate, but also for the issues that concern our families and our community. Today more than ever your vote is our voice,” said Ben Monterroso from Poder LatinX.

Mano a Mano is hosted in Spanish by Mexican journalist José López Zamorano, with more than 30 years of experience and an expert on the issues of greatest relevance to the Latinx community in the United States. The English version, titled LatinEQUIS Debate, is hosted by Mexican-American journalist Andrea Marquez, creator of the LatinEQUIS platform aimed at Millennials and Generation Z.



Audiences of all ages will be able to follow Mano a Mano and LatinEQUIS Debate on the La Red Hispana and LatinEQUIS Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

To watch the Mano a Mano debut:

Photos of: Luis, Daniel, Jose, Andrea.