Campaign seeks to help empower Latino nurses

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) and Hispanic Communications Network today launched the fifth edition of its successful national bilingual and multimedia campaign, which has been instrumental in empowering Hispanics who choose one of the careers of greater demand, greater social impact and better pay, nursing.

The proportion of registered nurses of Latin origin has almost doubled in recent years, from 3.6% of the total to 6% in 2014, equivalent to 160,800 Hispanic health professionals, and the figure is expected to increase by an additional 132,000. Hispanic nurses in the following 12 years, according to official figures.


Our goal is to inspire, inform and encourage students to seriously consider nursing as one of the noblest and highest-paid professions,” said Angie Millán, former president of NAHN and member of the Board of Directors of the national association without for-profit dedicated to promoting public health


That’s why we’re talking this year with nursing students, in order to share their study tips. Sometimes students get discouraged when they have problems with their classes, we want them to understand that we all learn in different ways and that the effort is undoubtedly worthwhile, “added Millán.


The campaign includes the development of an educational toolkit to inform and educate potential students, personalized interviews with 12 students in the nursing career, to serve as a guide and inspiration, public service radio messages in English and Spanish. , as well as visual and graphic elements for its dissemination in the social media platforms of NAHN and La Red Hispana.


We are proud to celebrate this fifth anniversary of our collaboration with NAHN, because we have witnessed the important role that previous campaigns have played, not only to encourage more Latinos and Latinas to make nursing a path to personal and profesional success, but to help them persevere and achieve their goal when obstacles arise along the way, “said HCN President Alison Rodden.


The campaign will be distributed through the network of radio affiliates and social platforms of La Red Hispana during the month of January.


About The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN)

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN ) is a national non-profit association dedicated to promoting public health and the nursing profession for Hispanics in the United States. To learn more visit: nahnnet.org.