Talk to Someone: a conversation simulation for cancer survivors

Talk to Someone:

In moments of public health emergencies because of the coronavirus, the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have partnered to launch a conversation simulator to support and help cancer survivors.

Staying healthy after cancer treatment can be challenging, specially during current times. Tobacco use, obesity, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity increase a cancer survivors’ risk of their cancer coming back as well as the risk for getting secondary cancers and other health conditions.

Talk to Someone allows cancer survivors to ask questions and engage in conversations with Linda, a virtual cancer survivor, who provides brief, informative, and emotionally supportive answers to help shape behavior change, while also citing her own experiences as a survivor.

Interactive conversation to learn how alcohol can affect your health as a cancer survivor.

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Learn from Linda’s expertise on the affects smoking has on the body, and her expert advice to help cancer survivors quit smoking.

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Cancer survivors turn to Linda for support with common stresses and concerns they often experience.

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Improving physical activity and eating habits becomes much easier with Linda’s advice and support.

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Vivián Díaz-Espinosa
, a cancer survivor who was in charge of caring for her father, who died of advanced lung cancer, was also available to share her personal experience and discuss the importance of having resources to help survivors and loved ones to enjoy a better quality of life.
Introduction for Health Care Providers
After completing cancer treatment, survivors need information about healthy habits for recovery. In Talk to Someone: Health Care Providers, Dr. Wei explains how Linda provides information approved by CDC’s medical experts to encourage healthy behaviors in an empathetic way. Linda builds a foundation of knowledge and motivation so the conversations you have with survivors are more targeted and efficient.

Simulación “Habla con Alguien” también disponible en español

Con el objetivo de mejorar la calidad de vida de sobrevivientes latinos de cáncer y sus familiares, este recurso también está disponible en español. Esta información puede ser particularmente importante para sobrevivientes de cáncer, sobretodo durante estos momentos de emergencia de salud pública.

Introducción para proveedores de atención médica
Después de completar el tratamiento contra el cáncer, los sobrevivientes necesitan información sobre hábitos saludables para la recuperación. En Habla con Alguien: Proveedores de atención médica, el Dr. Wei explica cómo Linda proporciona información aprobada por los expertos médicos de los CDC para fomentar comportamientos saludables de manera empática. Linda construye una base de conocimiento y motivación para que las conversaciones que tenga con los sobrevivientes sean más específicas y eficientes.