Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

New series promotes mental health practices for U.S. Latinos


Washington, DC – December 22, 2022 – Hispanic Communications Network (HCN) (hcnmedia.com) / La Red Hispana (laredhispana.org), will launch the sixth edition of Culture of Health / Cultura de Salud, a bilingual programming series that addresses social determinants of health affecting U.S. Latinos. This year, the multimedia series, titled “Let’s Talk about Mental Health” (Hablemos de Salud Mental), will address topics such as mental/behavioral health and technology among young people, stigmatizing language, and domestic violence, all of which have continued to surge as increasing concerns since the beginning of the pandemic.

HCN / La Red Hispana’s Cultura de Salud program series supports the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) vision of a Culture of Health – which aims to give every person across the country the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible.

“Our own health doesn’t simply depend on our personal efforts and desires. Social determinants of health – like access to living wages, fresh foods, safe and walkable neighborhoods, transportation, fair housing, and quality education – have a significant impact on every person and family in the U.S. Only when we know how to identify and act to change these systemic challenges can we find solutions and improve the quality of life,” said Alison Rodden, CEO of HCN / La Red Hispana

Latinos are disproportionately affected by social determinants of health, which lead to poorer health conditions and barriers to healthcare access. Recent data from the NPR-RWJF-Harvard Poll show how the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated existing disparities and inequities related to different social determinants of health. Latinos not only experienced a higher incidence of hospitalizations and deaths; these communities also fared worse compared to non-Hispanic White individuals across most measures of social determinants of health for which data was available. 

Areas of most concern include disparities in poverty levels, educational attainment, wealth and families’ net worth, home ownership, food insecurity, crowded housing, internet access, transportation, citizenship, English-language proficiency, racism, and adverse childhood experiences.  Additional factors affecting Latinos are serious financial problems, inflation, emergency savings, evictions, and fears for their security.  Key subpopulations continue to experience heightened strains since the onset of the pandemic, such as children, teens, younger adults, families with children, and LGBTQ+ Latino communities.

According to the RWJF County Health Rankings report, income inequality within U.S. communities can have broad health impacts. These include increased risk of mortality, poor health, and increased cardiovascular disease risks. Inequalities in a community can accentuate differences in social class and status and serve as a social stressor. Communities with greater income inequality can experience a loss of social connectedness, as well as decreases in trust, social support, and a sense of community for all residents.

We are seeing positive changes in the appreciation of the social determinants of health and the need for broader community health investments,” said Jordan Reese, Director of Media Relations at the RWJF. “There is a greater understanding that diverse factors influence health. We’re pleased to see more stakeholders and community members understanding that factors like physical environment, economic opportunity, social support, and community safety strongly influence well-being.” 

Daily short-format TV and radio programs, digital videos, social media content, and interactive shows focused on mental health will begin airing across La Red Hispana and additional HCN platforms starting on December 26th, 2022. HCN’s Cultura de Salud programs will run across 35 Hispanic TV markets and over 120 radio markets, in addition to 6 digital channels, through the Spring of 2023. Culture of Health / Cultura de Salud programming and content is also available on-demand via HCN and La Red Hispana microsites. Hablemos de salud mental – La Red Hispana

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