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97% of Hispanics listen to Spanish radio for information and music.  Our daily programming on health, environment, financial literacy, civic engagement, and more covers 90% of all US Hispanics.  The benefit of radio programming is we reach people who were not looking to be informed or educated but were just listening for entertainment. Almost every hour 24/7 someone hears something that can change their life and each piece encourages listeners to use the La Red Hispana mobile app to be linked to free non-commercial local and national resources.

We collaborate with philanthropic foundations, non-profit organizations, and governments who also provide subject matter experts and role models who we interview to inspire our audiences to take actions that benefit their families and communities. Examples can be seen on our 24/7 stream at La Red Hispana (“red” in Spanish means “net” or “network” – hence the Hispanic Network).  


We have relationships with the major national TV networks allowing us to integrate socially beneficial content into existing entertainment shows and newscasts.


We have a relationship with 100+ Spanish or bilingual newspapers allowing us to provide socially beneficial editorial content on a weekly basis. HCN generates content for our print and digital affiliate networks via a weekly syndicated column, La Columna Vertebral. Each 450-word piece reinforces messaging from our clients’ radio campaigns, effectively enabling clients to achieve greater frequency, reach and penetration among target audiences.

Examples of our Popular Programs and Personalities

  • Fuente de Salud (Fountain of Health)
  • Planeta Azul (The Blue Planet)
  • Bienvenidos a America (Welcome to America)
  • Dra Isabel (popular and trusted educational psychologist)
  • Dr. Eduardo Lopez Navarro (trusted psychologist)
  • Dr. Pablo Rodriguez (trusted medical doctor-OBGYN)
  • Pedro Biaggi (popular entertainment host interviews social change agents)

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