Careers La Red Hispana Director of Content & Audiences

HCN, a full-service multicultural agency focused on positive social impact and behavior change, seeks an innovative, experienced Strategist with deep experience in market research to support initiatives across clients and projects.

Leveraging your deep marketing and advertising portfolio, you will direct HCN’s Brand & Strategy department on national, regional, local, and hyper-local levels, with potential future expansion into international markets.

In addition to working with external media partners, you will also oversee strategy of HCN’s owned media channels under the brands of La Red Hispana and LatinEQUIS, our consumer-facing multimedia networks.

All of our work is focused on one mission: to improve quality of life for diverse multicultural audiences living in the US.

In this role you will:    

The Director of La Red Hispana provides vision for the broadcast, digital, social, and other Latino serving platforms and channels. The Director coordinates with HCN’s CEO and with its Founder/Chairman to set goals, milestones, metrics, timelines and budgets.  

La Red Hispana is the consumer-facing brand name of the national and international communications channels owned by Hispanic Communications Network (HCN and HCN Global) and partially administered by World Voices Media, a California non-profit 501(c)3.   The content is for Latinos and by Latinos and non-commercial. We leverage “edu-tainment” and storytelling approaches to inform, educate and inspire audiences in ways that improve quality of life, help families and contribute to communities.  Major themes include human rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights and services, health (including mental health), education, financial literacy, environmental and climate, and civic engagement.    

La Red Hispana has agreements with multiple TV networks that broadcast up to 10 of La Red Hispana’s public interest short-format mini-programas / non-commercial spots per day, 7 days a week, including during prime time.  Select La Red Hispana video content is also played inside of Mexican and Central American consulates serving millions of visitors each year.  La Red has arrangements with hundreds of Spanish-language radio stations that air 6 of La Red’s short-format spots every day, 7 days a week covering 90% of the US Latino radio market.  Our team also produces a variety of talk and interactive talk shows syndicated on TV, radio, digital and social media on subjects ranging from mental health to medical health, and serving the needs of recent immigrants.  

La Red’s digital and social media channels include the La Red Hispana website and mobile app with 100,000 monthly uniques, and 5 social media channels that our team owns or co-manages with over 250,000 followers.   

All content is non-commercial and intended to provide audiences: actionable learning opportunities; and, links to resources they can use to improve their wellbeing and that of the communities in which they live.    

La Red’s target audience are Spanish speakers in the mainland U.S. and Puerto Rico.  La Red is exploring extending its alliances to serve the rest of the Spanish-speaking Western Hemisphere across LATAM.   

Experience/Skills You Already Have:

The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Editorial Curation. Lead the HCN/La Red Hispana editorial and production team in identifying timely and highly relevant topics, content and personalities to feature in our broadcast and digital/social content that will grow the size and engagement with La Red’s audience. 
  • External Content Providers. Recruit and partner with Spanish-speaking and bilingual personalities, celebrities, influencers, producers, organizations and institutions to acquire and aggregate content for La Red’s TV, Radio, Digital, Social and Print platforms with content the public can use to improve their lives and contribute to their communities.  
  • Content Barter Trades and Acquisitions. Negotiate barters or acquisitions of content from producers and licensors, related to immigration, education, health, mental health, environmental awareness, technology, green jobs and other topics. Negotiate co-branding terms to add La Red Hispana to all content distributed on La Red platforms. 
  • Recruit Personalities and Influencers. Sign agreements with personalities and influencers who can be the trusted voices and featured hosts of La Red content promoting self-actualization, positive behaviors and community service in areas of immigration, health, environment, women, education, etc.  
  • Qualified Service Provider Database. Develop a database of independent producers, production companies, and talent who can provide services to La Red in exchange for access to its public and/or provide services for fees. 
  • Efficiencies. Recommend software to automate the scheduling/distribution of all content on La Red’s broadcast, digital and social media platforms. Develop policies and procedures, and streamline all operations to maximize efficiency. 
  • Marketing & Promotions. Oversee promotion of the La Red Hispana channels and platforms among 1) broadcast and print media affiliates (in partnership with HCN/La Red Hispana’s Affiliate & Media Relations Team); and, 2) consumers to grow audience size and engagement. Develop and manage organic and paid marketing strategies, timelines and budgets to meet negotiated and agreed upon quantitative and qualitative goals with success. 
  • Referral Database. Oversee creation and integration of curated databases with free or low-cost community serving resources that are vetted and qualified as trustworthy. Make the database accessible with optimal UX/UI for the public via La Red Hispana mobile phone app, website, and social media platforms. Ensure that all broadcast, digital and social communications lead the public to these free resources curated by HCN/La Red Hispana and its non-profit partner, World Voices Media. 

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) 

  • Must be fully bilingual in Spanish and English.  
  • Minimum 5 years experience in Spanish-language broadcast and/or digital and social media; with at least 3 years experience growing audiences, acquiring content and supervising talent.   
  • Proof of existing networks of vetted, high-quality producers and talent. 
  • Extensive knowledge of Spanish-language media channels, personalities/influencers, competitive landscapes, and ability to suggest programming and people that will captivate audiences and increase ratings/engagement. 
  • Experience creating and implementing successful strategies.  
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and other computer software. 
  • Ability to work cooperatively with team members and consultants/contractors, set expectations, and monitor delegated activities, outputs and outcomes. 

Location & Work Environment  

This is a full time remote position- the Director can work from anywhere and will occasionally travel to meet with team members in Miami, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and elsewhere.  

Performance Evaluation will be based on:   

  • Measurable increases in content, particularly content licensed for free from institutions or providers who seek to reach La Red’s audience. 
  • Measurable increases in audience size as measured by Nielsen for TV and radio broadcasts. 
  • Measurable increases in audience size and engagement in the United States and Puerto Rico as measured by google analytics, Facebook insights, etc. for its digital and social channels. 

How to Apply:

Submit a customized letter of interest outlining your unique value proposition to HCN / La Red Hispana, as well as your CV and samples of multimedia campaigns you’ve managed in the past via careers@hcnmedia.com with the subject line: LRH Director